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Wooden house
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Wooden house
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Thank you so much for taking your time to visit our site and share the vision of your future with us. We hope that you will enjoy this fascinating journey to the world of the wooden house of our architecture.

Construction of houses made of glued timber is the most effective of modern technologies in wooden house building: the house built from glued timber has not only all the advantages of a wooden house, but it also lacks practically all the shortcomings of traditional wooden house-building.

Our concept includes careful selection of materials, individual design, production at our factory, construction, interior finish and last but not least: professional support and construction management for our clients before and during the assembly process.

The combination of natural wood beauty and the architect`s imagination enables creation of beautiful, modern houses in different architectural styles. High performance characteristics, comfort and safety are perfectly combined in the houses made of glued laminated wood.  A house made of laminated timber that is skillfully designed and built by all the rules will ensure warmth and comfort to your family for many years.

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Wooden house
The construction of houses made of laminated veneer lumber has many advantages.

Among which are the following:

  1. Wood does not have any contraindications, therefore the building is absolutely and completely environmentally safe.
  2. Upon your request utilities can be laid inside the walls. In the course of manufacturing of houses made of laminated veneer lumber, technological channels and openings for electricity, ventilation, water supply and sewerage are prefabricated.
  3. The building does not require a massive, expensive foundation because wood weighs less than any other construction materials.
  4. Regardless of the weather, a wooden house always maintains the optimal level of temperature and humidity, the warmth is well preserved and pleasant smell is present.
  5. Construction of a wooden house can be done in any form and design, which allows you to turn any design dreams into reality.

Our wooden houses can also be chosen as a country house or as a second residence. It allows to improve our services in accordance with the architectural spirit of the time, while preserving the essence of the wooden house.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy  to answer your questions and see you at one of our offices.
Construction packages of wooden houses Archiline are certified in accordance with the European technical certification ETA 14/0367
Wooden house
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Wooden house
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