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Wooden house
Wooden house
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Wooden house
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Wooden house project "Club de golf"

Number of rooms 7

Number of floors 2

Тotal area 182 m²

Roof area 199,3 m²

Terrace 13,7 m²

Price:on request

Wood house project "Club de golf"
Layout 1 floor project "Club de golf"
Layout 1 floor
Layout 2 floor project "Club de golf"
Layout 2 floor

A wooden house made of laminated veneer lumber, a luxury cottage in a golf club with total area of 182

In this project the architects succeeded to combine two styles: the holiday house and the official residence of the golf club. This is a cozy and well-built wooden cottage and an office building. The building constructed from the wood fits well with the surroundings - green lawns located around.

Wood home project "Club de golf"
Woods homes project "Club de golf"
Timber house project "Club de golf"
The wood house project "Club de golf"
Timber homes project "Club de golf"
Dream log homes project "Club de golf"

Large windows refer to the spatiality and modern concept of a cozy house. The building looks spacious from outside and inside.  At the same time, the total area of the house is relatively small therefore its construction can not be very expensive. To some extent, this can even be classified as a money-saving construction, but the achieved result is very luxurious, even admirable.

Wooden house
Wooden houses

The building is divided inside into two levels: on the first floor there are three bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, two bathrooms and on the second floor there is a bedroom with a study room and a bathroom. The walls are decorated with a wood, which is not painted to emphasize the ecological surroundings in accordance with the project concept. A lot of light comes through the large windows which along with the white light walls provide a visual expansion of the space. Interior-designers have chosen a style of minimalism which implies the use of only necessary furniture. Therefore, inside this house you can feel free, open and emotionally relaxed.

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Construction packages of wooden houses Archiline are certified in accordance with the European technical certification ETA 14/0367

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Wooden house
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